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• Are you excited about your family and want to share that excitement with others? This site is for you.

• Do you love your family, but sometimes get a little overwhelmed? This site is for you.

• Have you struggled with frustration because you’d like to love being a part of your family but feel more defeat than connection? This site is for you.

Ever feel all alone in trying to figure out how to make your family work?  In the past, extended families were a wealth of knowledge and wise counsel as couples moved through the stages of newlywed, infants, children, and teens.  Each stage brought new challenges, but there was someone to ask for guidance and offer support. Today, families face the same challenges plus many more such as blended families and single parenthood but often feel they are all alone.  Sometimes, each of us just needs a place where we can find direction and encouragement.

Your Family Matters was created to help families connect with others in their life stage. Here, you'll find answers for coping with challenges you face along with encouragement for enjoying the opportunities you are given. We offer:

• Speakers for your group or organization

• Marriage and parenting classes

• Family consultations for asking your private questions—in person or by email

• Website featuring a weekly newsletter with insights on specific family issues and resource page to guide you to helpful information from a variety of sources

• Full day workshops—here or at your location

Through all these we hope to give you tips and encouragement for all your family ups and downs as well as humorous takes on family reality.

Please know—we know we are not perfect nor do we have all the answers, especially regarding the unique situation and direction for your family. Only you can be the expert on your family. But, if you are seeking support and information and we can offer tips or resources to guide your way, it would be our pleasure. Thanks for visiting

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